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Institute of Polish Language at the University of Warsaw
and Towarzystwo Kultury Języka
have the pleasure to announce the conference

(A Gloss on Lexicography VI)

to be held on September 22–23, 2016 in Warsaw.
The conference main topic will be:

Between theory and practice
Methods in contemporary lexicography

We encourage participants both from Poland and abroad to submit papers concerned with the situation of modern lexicography in times of the primacy of electronic information. More details about the suggested topics can be found in the bookmark “Topics”. The conference languages will be Polish and English.

The keynote lecture will be given by

Patrick Hanks

lexicographer and corpus linguist
(Professor in Lexicography at the University of Wolverhampton;
formerly chief editor of Current English Dictionaries at Oxford University Press).

The patronage

The conference will be held under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Polish Studies, Professor Zbigniew Greń.

Scientific Committee

dr hab. prof. IJP PAN Ewa Deptuchowa – IJP PAN, Cracow
prof. dr hab. Stanisław Dubisz – IPS UW, Warsaw
prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Gruszczyński – USWPS, IJP PAN, Warsaw
prof. dr hab. Halina Karaś – IJP UW, Warsaw
prof. dr hab. Ryszard Lipczuk – IFG US, Szczecin
dr hab. prof. UW Marek Łaziński – IJP UW, Warsaw
dr hab. prof. UG Bożena Matuszczyk – IFP UG, Gdańsk
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Markowski – IJP UW, Warsaw
prof. dr hab. Bogusław Nowowiejski – IFP UwB, Białystok
prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Piotrowski – WSF, Wrocław
prof. dr hab. Zygmunt Saloni – WLS UW, Warsaw
prof. dr hab. Bogdan Walczak – UAM, Poznań
prof. dr hab. Jan Wawrzyńczyk – WLS UW, Warsaw
prof. dr hab. Piotr Żmigrodzki – IJP PAN, Cracow

Organising Committee

prof. dr hab. Mirosław Bańko
dr Dorota Kopcińska
dr Monika Kresa
dr Ewelina Kwapień
dr Ewa Rudnicka
dr Izabela Stąpor